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Hi! My name is Aki Alieva, and I am a UX/UI designer with a passion for creating visually appealing and user-friendly design solutions. 


I have extensive experience in the field of IT product companies (SaaS), with a particular focus on Shopify websites.

Now I specialize in creating design, where my goal is to enhance user experiences and effectively address intricate issues through the medium of digital design.

I am currently available for projects and would love to connect with you to discuss how I can help your business!

My Work


Redesign of existing mobile app

The project involved redesigning an existing mobile application to improve the user experience and boost customer loyalty. The new design features intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and an updated visual style that aligns with the brand.

Desert in Dark

Mobile app design for a startup project

I had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals participating in a startup accelerator competition. Together, we conceptualized and designed a mobile app aimed at simplifying and automating the consultation, document collection, verification, and submission process for students looking to study abroad. This innovative idea has the potential to revolutionize the path to international education.


The design features a clean and modern interface, easy-to-use navigation, and personalized user profiles.

Landing page redesign

In this project I aimed to redesign the landing page of a platform, and address the initial website design issues, such as a lack of clarity, an overwhelming amount of text, absence of accent colors, and a dearth of clear calls to action.

Brand identity design

This project was developed during my intensive graphic design courses and focused on crafting a brand identity for a tea company.


The design boasts a dynamic and sophisticated visual style with attention-grabbing colors aimed at captivating potential buyers.

Website landing page

This is a test project that involved designing a landing page for a beauty brand. I tried to keep it simple, yet elegant, in alignment with recent design trends.

I believe that the key to a successful design is understanding the user's needs while also aligning with the brand’s identity.